The wood construction

The wood belongs to the culture of our building: has played in every historical period, in fact, a role of protagonist in both forms of experimental and structural archetypes, and in many manufacturing processes, and the use of this material has solved in a simple and economic, many technological problems.

Light, flexible, easy to find, workable, good structural performance and ease of assembly are just some of peculiarity of this material.

Today, then, a renewed interest in building technology, as well as an increased sensitivity towards the restoration of monumental timber structures, means that he prefers natural materials and renewable resources in general, and the use of wood in construction has become an operational reality of great importance.

Present in structures, cladding, floors, attics, doors and windows, in recent years is returning material "successful", thanks to the intervention of engineers and technicians who were able to remove old prejudices related to safety, fire resistance , the curability.

The wood industry results highly dynamic, projective, bright, able to renew itself in several ways: design, technologic, culture, commercial.

Wood's dossier is able to provide information on the market qualified, the material on processes, products and the most beautiful and interesting creations.

The wood construction
Main peculiarities and advantages of the wood