Diamond tools

The diamond utilized for industrial use can be natural, but also synthetic. The natural diamond for industrial that can be found underground in most of African zones, especially in Zaire. the most common type is called Boart. Only in 1953, the research permit the realizations of necessary condition of temperature and pressure for the production of synthetic diamond that today satisfaction over the 90% of industrial needs. The type of diamond tools are:

Continuous rim discs
Laser discs sector
Ceramic discs
Discs for asphalt
Discs for concrete
Disks for refractive
Discs for granite and marble
Drill drills
Accessories and discs for wood
Drill for carat
Tool polishing

At first price

You can choose your drive according to the price or cost cutting. For occasional work may be preferable to a tool at a low price. For important work or regularly use a tool more expensive it will be cheaper because you will gain life. but if you plan to continue use of the records the variable to consider is the cost cutting (cost per meter).