Main peculiarities and advantages of the wood

Surface temperature of wood: already comfortable at room temperature due to increased surface temperature.

Antibacterial: induce a particular clime suitable for allergic persons.

Natural clime: wood transmits heat, intimacy and naturally regulate the clime.

Low thermal conductivity: high thermal insulation leads to a reduction in consumption is that the heat in the cold.

Breathable: the wood works naturally as a regulator of moisture, absorbs when the environment is humid and dry if returns.

Permeability to water: the wood favors the spontaneous release of odors and stale air.

Sound insulation: an oasis of calm and intimacy thanks to its high insulation power.

Safety: According to the most advanced research in wood buildings are safer during earthquakes.

Conflagration: reducing the risk of sudden collapse.

Duration: extensively documented.

Energy saving: saving energy of 75% than a house of bricks.

Environmental sustainability: tree cutting and reforestation under the tables of sustainability.

Disposal: Wood is the only building material that can be recycled 100%.


The wood construction
Main peculiarities and advantages of the wood